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Sharing my bookmarks with the Tumblr community. Have fun!


  • WALS
  • Linguasphere - Kind of like WALS, if I remember correctly, but not quite. (Note: The website is in French.)
  • GOLD - a unique listing of linguistic terms and definitions. Right now it appears to be having technical issues, but when it works it’s really great. Just click “View GOLD” at the top.

Many Languages (or General Resources)

  • This is a directory of apparently scanned PDFs of many, many, many books regarding various languages. There are grammars, dictionaries, and more for more than 25 languages.
  • Conjuguemos: An awesome website, Conjuguemos has verb and vocabulary activities in several (mostly Romance) languages.
  • A directory of online dictionaries for around 200 languages. Truly an amazing resource.
  • Duolingo - don’t tell me you don’t know what this is.
  • Memrise - let me guess, you don’t know what this is either?
  • Quizlet - flash cards and accompanying games. There are also many apps that connect to Quizlet and provide Spaced Repetition or other activities with the cards.
  • Lang-8 - write in the language you’re learning, let others correct you. In turn, you correct posts in your native language.
  • Lingocracy - for reading in your target language.
  • LingQ links you (get it? LingQ, link you? HAHA) to native speakers around the world. You can join live conversations, get writing corrected, and so on and do the same for them.)
  • FluentU - a compilation of real world videos in your target language with interactive captions.
  • Babbel - another language learning resource with many languages available.
  • Ba Ba Dum - 1500 words, 11 languages, 5 games. Unique site.
  • Radiolingua - quick and easy sets of beginner’s lessons in many languages.
  • Busuu is yet another website for learning the basics of many languages. It also features video-chats with native speakers and many many units of grammar/vocab.
  • The US government’s Foreign Service Institute has grammars in many many languages.
  • Omniglot - writing, writing, and more writing. Goes over the writing system and accompanying pronunciation of every language imaginable, including many conlangs and extinct languages. Truly amazing resource.
  • LanguageRealm has some good stuff for the languages that it features.
  • AncientScripts is another website for writing systems, but it is restricted to ancient scripts, many of which are for languages now out of use.
  • Transparent Language Blog is wonderful. The right side has a list of the languages for which they have any content posted - and for each language there is quite a bit.
  • SaySomethingIn… is most useful for Welsh but has a few other languages. It involves sessions of listening and repeating along with eventual reading and grammar.
  • Digital Dialects - games for learning basic vocabulary in lots and lots of languages.
  • LanguageReef - Indian languages. So many Indian languages.
  • 200 Word Project - learn the basic vocabulary of six African languages by clicking and listening to native pronunciations.
  • Let’s not forget Wikipedia. Not only does the English version have something on just about any language imaginable, but the website has articles available in lots of languages. I like clicking the “Random article” button and reading whatever comes up.



  • Grammar, vocab, and culture can be found at French at
  • Grammar. Lots of it.
  • French equivalent of Simple English Wikipedia.
  • AwesomeFrench is the greatest French Tumblr blog in the universe. She answers questions about culture and grammar, but don’t be one of those annoying people that asks homework questions or advice about how to turn on your French boyfriend or girlfriend.



  • Tutorial on the Arabic alphabet.
  • Arabic script lessons.
  • Lessons on the Arabic script.
  • Arabic script tutorial.
  • Project Root List aims to list all of the roots and vowel combinations in the Quran. Since Arabic hasn’t changed much in that regard, it’s useful for modern Arabic, too.
  • A PDF of the book Arabic Verbs and Essentials of Grammar.
  • A nice PDF regarding the Arabic pronouns.
  • You can search the Quran in Classical Arabic here.
  • Classical Arabic: This is a fantastic resource in that it not only talks about reading and grammar, but also writing styles and eloquence in writing. It is strictly for Classical Arabic, however, not modern spoken or Modern Standard Arabic.


  • Hindi script - really good animations of stroke order and how to write as well as providing instructions on writing.
  • Quillpad looks like a really great tool for typing in Hindi as well as other Indian languages. Simply type the English letters and the computer converts it. (Note: for beginners still trying to learn the script, learn the script and manually put the characters in. Force yourself to write the script to get yourself to think in that language!)
  • Beginner’s grammar lessons. Really a good page.
  • Five Hindi lessons that cover quite a bit.
  • More grammar because it’s important.


Old English

  • Grammar rules in detail. AMAZING website.
  • Here is Beowulf in Old English. There’s also a link to a modern English translation just under the title of the page.


  • Set of graphics that are wonderful for explaining the Korean script.
  • Really great website for grammar, script, and vocab. Also offers many of the beginner’s lessons and some of the more advanced ones in Spanish and/or Russian, for you overachievers out there.



  • Some basic grammar here.
  • Here is a great resource with video, explanations, and thematic lesson organization.
  • Lots and lots of good stuff here.



  • Kids’ games for German vocab and stuff.
  • DW - German news website. Available in 30 languages, however.


  • Lots of vocabulary. (Note: In my experience, this website has only been marginally useful because it doesn’t give gender, some of its nouns are plural when they should be singular, and so on.)
  • A long, detailed, well-explained resource from the BBC on Welsh grammar.



  • Some themed vocabulary lists. Actually lots of them.
  • Here is a more or less miscellaneous collection of concepts and vocab about the Chinese language and culture.
  • MandarinMadeEZ - Some fun and simple YouTube lessons from Fiona Tian. She’s kind of awkward so if you’re looking for something really serious, don’t go here. Also, cats.

Native American Langauges


  • Italian: Good website for grammar rules.
  • Greek: Some lessons on New Testament Greek grammar.
  • Romanian: RoLang - audio and video lessons.
  • Hebrew: The Bible in Hebrew can be searched here.

And finally, I recently started a resources tag (here) that I think I’ll just link to rather than trying to transfer all that stuff over to this post.

I apologize that some of these headings have only one or two resources for them… but remember that the “Many Languages” category can not only provide a lot of further resources and information for the languages listed here, but can also provide stuff for languages not mentioned here!

If you guys have more stuff you’d like me to add for any language, send it to me and I’ll check it out and maybe update this post :)

Have fun and good luck :D

Thanks beaucoup beaucoup for the reference!


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I’ve giffed this room a couple of times before but I don’t think I captured the flashy lights in those old ones so \o/


I’ve giffed this room a couple of times before but I don’t think I captured the flashy lights in those old ones so \o/

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